Frankee Kolenc

September 3, 2023

On a hot summer day in Phoenix, AZ, a Siamese kitten was born. She would roam for a short time until crossing paths with a couple that took notice to her. Enduring a hardship of their own at the time, the couple saw the stray kitten as a beam of hope. One night, the couple found the kitten sitting on their doorstep. They offered her milk, but different from previous encounters, this time, the couple brought her inside. She was greeted by their Pitbull, Rokkie, whom she would soon befriend. The couple knew she would be the perfect addition to their home and gave her the name, Frankee.

Frankee would spend the next 11 years joining the couple in their ventures as a loyal friend and companion, symbolizing the true meaning of family. Frankee would always make her presence in the home know, especially in the morning when she would greet and purr, enthusiastic for her dish to be filled with “supper.”  Frankee’s favorite pastimes include playing her game, “fetch the treat,” napping by a sun-filled window, snacking on cat grass or houseplants and helping garden.

Now reunited in spirit with her old beloved friend, Rokkie, Frankee can rest peacefully. Frankee is loved and will be dearly missed by her family, including her little brother, a 3 yr old pitbull named Colter.